The Transition

The military to civilian transition is a rough time in many Veterans’ lives. The reality of this transition is more than just changing careers, but it's learning how to think, act and socialize differently. This stress often increases the mental and emotional effects of military life, including increased, or onset PTSD symptoms.

The men and women who have been trained in all branches of the United States Military have come to expect more of themselves, and their peers. They struggle to accept mediocracy and hold themselves to a higher standard. This makes the transition to a civilian lifestyle extremely shocking and difficult for many Veterans.
Navigating the Military to Civilian Transition

The Catalyst offers a way to navigate this transition, regain confidence and minimize, or end, the mental and emotional stress by teaching candidates how to:

  • ​​Translate military experience to relevant corporate skills.
  • Use personal branding to highlight past successes and guide future decisions, both personally and professionally.
  • Build an outstanding resume that will get noticed by top hiring managers.
  • Experience a mix of roles available in the civilian space through case work and real-time projects with our Employment Partners.

Company Values






An Inspired Inception

The Catalyst was the brainchild of Capt. Daniel Hance, developed during his own struggles with transitioning into the civilian space. He continued to nurture the idea through his various corporate roles, fine-tuning the program through years of experience. He learned from his own mentors and made the right connections along the way. In 2017, Daniel took the leap and launched The Catalyst.

About the Team 

Our board is a diverse group of people with backgrounds that range in psychology to finance to brand management - each bringing their own unique skillset to the team.

​​All members of The Catalyst are active or Veteran military, military spouses, or military family members who believe in the mission, vision and values of what we do. All who, in some way, have experienced the difficulties of the military to civilian transition and know we can make a positive impact for those going through this difficult process.