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Any and all help is appreciated as we serve those who have served us

About The Catalyst
The Catalyst is a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization that is the nation’s local network of veteran professionals and top companies. The Catalyst works to equip veterans with the knowledge and skills to pursue the best careers that maximizes their full potential. To learn more about how The Catalyst is helping veterans transition better and building a national community of veteran professionals, contact us.


  1. Sponsor a Cycle
    $60,000 With this donation, you are covering all costs for one cycle of the program. This includes a stipend for each candidate, educational partnerships and materials needed for the course.
  2. Cover Education
    $20,000 This amount covers the facility usage and instructor cost at the educational partner's campus for the duration of the 5-week cohort cycle.
  3. Growth
    $5,000 Help us grow and expand this program across the country. With this option you will help us reach and serve more Veterans in other cities and states across the US.
  4. Sponsor a Vet
    $1,500 Sponsor a Veteran as they embark on their journey to civilian employment. This will offset any expenses they may occur while enrolled in the 5 - week course.
  5. Sponsor a week
    $200 Sponsor a Vet for a week of the program. This will cover a week of their stipend as they are dedicated to full-time to training for a successful military to civilian transition.
  6. Brick in the Road
    Choose Your Amount Any and all donations are appreciated as they help us fulfill our mission of employing Veterans in viable civilian careers.
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